Birth Control at the Otterbein Health Center

Does the Otterbein Health Center provide any type of birth control?

Great question! My understanding is that the providers at the Otterbein Health Center will provide a prescription for contraceptive pills. That’s great, but the most effective form of contraception is a category called LARCs or long acting reversible contraceptives. This type of contraception is most effective because you don’t have to remember to take it everyday and no medicines or illnesses can interfere with their ability to work. LARCs include intrauterine devices (IUDs) that work inside your uterus and the single rod implant (Nexplanon) that goes right under the skin of your arm. You can get these methods at low or no cost at any local Planned Parenthood office (614-222-3531), Primary One Health Care (614-645-5500), Nationwide Children’s Hospital (614-355-6350 up to age 21), and Columbus Public Health Women’s Clinic (614-645-5500).


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