Oh Dam!

What the heck is a dental dam? It’s basically a condom-type barrier for your tongue, only flat against your partner, not a tube! Just like you would use a condom for penis-vagina sex, if you are putting your mouth on someone else’s clitoris, vulva, vagina or anus, use a barrier!

Boring, but important:  Sexually transmitted infections including herpes, HPV and gonorrhea can travel between your mouth and your sex partner’s butt or vulva.

The fun part: Dental dams are nice and big to give you lots of coverage for lots of creative pleasuring. They also come in flavors! You layer your dam like this-

butt or vulva/vagina/clitoris then lots of lube, then dental dam, then your tongue. All that lube will make things feel even better for whomever is receiving all your action.

Dental dams can be expensive and we don’t always have them in stock on campus. You can sometimes get them from the residence advisors or from the health center. You can DEFINITELY get them from the URGE/askeva table in the CC on Wednesday October 19th from 11am-1pm. If you want some oral fun before that or ever find yourself without a dam when you need one you can cut a condom or glove into a rectangle and use that. You can also cut Saran brand plastic wrap to whatever size and shape you want. Here’s the thing with Saran wrap, though, I like a bargain as much as the next gal, but ONLY Saran brand has been tested to not allow the passage of the stuff you are trying to avoid passing. ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT don’t buy the microwave friendly Saran wrap. It has special vent holes which is exactly what you DON’T want.

As with anything sex-related communication and playfulness make it way more fun (and safe!). Take turns putting on your lube and dam, experiment with brands and flavors and find something you enjoy!








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