Pregnant? Need Help?

Have you seen those benches that say “Pregnant? Need help?” or those places offering free prenatal ultrasounds? Buyer beware! Often facilities offering free prenatal services are crisis pregnancy centers, religiously affiliated facilities posing as health clinics. Their agenda is to deter vulnerable women with unplanned pregnancies from having abortions. Of course people are entitled to be against abortion and even to set up to clinics to serve women who don’t want abortions, but deception and reproductive coercion are totally uncool. CPCs often set up shop close to legitimate health care facilities and intentionally use similar names to fool women into coming to them. Many crisis pregnancy centers list abortion as a service they offer in order to lure in pregnant women and then coerce them with false information. How can you know you are going to a reputable facility? Ask if they provide contraception, abortion, and STI screening. If the answer is not completely clear you may be in a CPC.

The following are some CPCs in the Columbus area:

Legitimate low cost reproductive health services are available here:,-Family-Planning/




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