Lube: What’s it all about?

Hey you with the lube! Did you know lube isn’t just a fun sexcessory, it’s part of safer sex?


What? How does lube make sex safer? Well, let’s just say you have mucous membranes (anus, vagina) and you have friction (the part that is supposed to feel good!) Without lube, friction + mucous membranes=microfissures (Ouch!)


Microfissures are an entry point for infection and, let’s face, don’t feel good.


So, what to do?


Get some lube, friend.


Get any flavor or color you want, but make sure you get a kind that won’t break down your condom/dental dam/glove (more on these fun barrier methods in another post).


Water based lube is inexpensive and easy to clean up. You’ll need a generous amount to keep up that lubed feeling. Fine with barrier methods


Silicone-based lube is pricier, but lasts longer during sex play. Can be messy and staining. Fine with barrier methods


Oil based lube (stuff you might have in the kitchen-literally cooking oil). This stuff is cheap and accessible but IS NOT SAFE TO USE WITH BARRIER METHODS. Oil based lubes will break down your condoms AND wear out your sex toys. Oil based products also have messy clean up.



Now that you have your lube make sure you are TALKING about it with your sex partner. Discuss who will apply the lube to whom, and try it on different spots.


Check out more lube and barrier info and ideas at


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