Hi Everyone,


Who here came to college with a plan for how you would decide when and with whom to have sex? Where can you find affordable birth control? Is it true that everyone else is hooking up? What do people actually do with sex toys? What is the point of lube?

Eva Fried here. I’m a nurse practitioner specializing in reproductive health and a faculty member in the nursing department at Otterbein University. You may have seen the posters for the “Ask Eva” radio show last school year. Maybe you even listened. If not, you can catch the recordings here: https://soundcloud.com/user-170765216/sets/ask-eva-season-1

We are changing the format from radio to blog for now, but the purpose is still to answer YOUR questions about sex and your body. You can email questions to me at efried@otterbein.edu and will never ever reveal your identity when I answer questions in this space. You can also drop your written questions in the “Ask Eva” box on the wall in the Campus Center. I can’t give individual health advice but if I cannot answer your questions in a general way in this space, I can definitely recommend places and providers that can meet your needs.

In addition to answering your questions, I’ll be writing about topics and concerns that are common for college-aged people in general and sharing worthwhile online and local resources for continued learning. Whether and how you decide to be intimate with someone else is up to you, but sexuality is part of being human. This is a shame-free space to explore what that means.


Looking forward to a wonderful year of celebrating our bodies and spirits,




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